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Northern Woodsman Elite Website/Store Launch

Hello Everyone

We are a group of hunting enthusiasts who push our gear to the limit. We are from Northern Canada living in the oil city of Fort McMurray Alberta. We have partnered with WCKNIVES LLC And Stitched Gear Outfitter to bring the ultimate knives and bushcraft gear to our customers.

We regularly post videos on youtube testing different knives and hunting gear and also post videos regarding hunting and game prep.

Some of our knives were designed by Pano Maroulis and are exclusively available for purchase through us at Northern Woodsman Elite. All of our blades come with a camo micarta handle with orange liners except the WCSK which comes with sage green micarta.

here is a link to our favourite video testing the WCSK in AEB-L

Please subscribe to our youtube channel and link us on facebook

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